NSM Archive - Physical Properties of Semiconductors

Si- SiliconGe- Germanium
GaP- Gallium PhosphideGaAs- Gallium Arsenide
InAs- Indium ArsenideC- Diamond
GaSb- Gallium AntimonideInSb- Indium Antimonide
InP- Indium PhosphideGaAs1-xSbx- Gallium Arsenide Antimonide
AlxGa1-xAs- Aluminium Gallium Arsenide  
AlN- Aluminium NitrideInN- Indium Nitride
BN- Boron NitrideGaN- Gallium Nitride

We are going to add new data for:

GaxIn1-xAsySb1-y- Gallium Indium Arsenide AntimonideGaxIn1-xP- Gallium Indium Phosphide
GaxIn1-xAs- Gallium Indium ArsenideGaxIn1-xSb- Gallium Indium Antimonide
InAs1-xSbx- Indium Arsenide AntimonideGaxIn1-xAsyP1-y- Gallium Indium Arsenide Phosphide
Si1-xGex- Silicon GermaniumSiC- Silicon Carbide

This section is intended to systematize parameters of semiconductor compounds and heterostructures based on them. Such a WWW-archive has a number of advantages: in particular, it enables physicists, both theoreticians and experimentalists, to rapidly retrieve the semiconducting material parameters they are interested in. In addition, physical parameters - optical, electrical, mechanical, etc. - will be presented in the framework of the electronic archive for both the known and new semiconducting compounds. As the starting point in creating the database served the voluminous reference book "Handbook Series on Semiconductor Parameters" vol. 1,2 edited by M. Levinstein, S. Rumyantsev and M. Shur, World Scientific, London, 1996, 1999. We express sincere gratitude to M.E. Levinstein for help and attention to this work. A great number of reference books and original papers cited at the end of this section have been used in compiling the information database.

We would like to express our warmest gratitude to all colleages presented their original data and literature references to complete these archive. If you find these archive pages helpful, and use the data retrieved through the server for your reseach, we would appreciate acknowledging it in your papers.

We would be indebted very much for any of your further suggestions and comments.